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Who we are?

At the interection of retro, innovation and pure p2p you will find peerbays.com

What we are?

Is there an app for that? NO! Google peerbays.com & save our icon to your homescreen.

How it works?

list your virtual business card or discover local mobile independent service providers.. limo drivers, food truck operators, stylists AND MORE! Sign in with twitter, google plus, or facebook to contact the service provider you choose.

Step 1

tap CREATE PEERBAYS LISTING to list your featured peer to peer service

Step 2

tap MY DASHBOARD to change your status from VISIBLE to INVISIBLE. HINT- Refresh your status to update your virtual business card to your correct gps location on the map

Step 3

Don't see your specific peer to peer mobile service on peerbays.com ? Contact us to create a listing for you speciality